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With liberty and justice for all
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My Homies (Countryballs) :iconalex674:alex674 3 18 Delicious Chocolate Cake :3 :iconalex674:alex674 6 20 Vega Protein Shake mix :iconalex674:alex674 3 8 Count of Shannon Castle :iconalex674:alex674 10 59
SCP Containment Breach: Left Behind Chp.4
Researcher's Log: 2/12

 1 hour after breach occurred
My legs....
They are tired. I'm tired. 
I've been wandering these halls aimlessly for an hour after the breach occurred. I'm writing this as I search for a safe place to rest. I arrived at the next door, tired but vigilant. I had to search for the jaded ring so that it will help me on my quest.
These hallways....endless paths to certain death. I should know because I walked by the same corpse that fell from the ceiling. Guess I need to head for the other door. But to my dismay, another confusing hallway.
Looks like the four way hallway. I think I've been through here before. I usually took this route to take some Safe class object SCPs for testing. Maybe with them is SCP-714.
But I can't celebrate yet. 106's huge and slimy portal hole is in the way. So  carefully walked around it with ease so that I won't fall in it. 
This may sound strange but I think I'm being watched. I felt too scar
:iconalex674:alex674 0 1
Senpai noticed me! :iconalex674:alex674 7 8 Happy Birthday, Vega! 2017 :iconalex674:alex674 4 0
SCP Containment Breach: Left Behind Chp.3
Researcher's Log: 2/12

20 minutes after breach occurred

What the hell is going on!? Why is everything all of a sudden closing!? Multiple times I tried opening the door. Nothing. I need to find a way out. I never in my whole career did I experience this. My first containment breach. What will my fate be?
As I was pondering in my thoughts on how to get out, I heard a sounded that sounds like something huge has toppled a structure. Then, I heard another sound. A great big roar echoing through the halls of the facility. can't be.....its not possible!
That hateful, stubborn giant lizard got out!?
I knew that getting out of here won't be easy since SCP-682 breached out of his containment. I know what he can do. In fact everyone in this facility knows this beast is extremely dangerous. So dangerous that he needs to be terminated as so as possible. If only there is a way....
I wander aimlessly to find a way out. I
:iconalex674:alex674 0 0
Street Fighter: Blood Child Chp 2
That must be Papa!
I turned around to greet him but all I saw is a man wearing a white mask with a purple symbol on one side. He wears the same pants and red sash belt that Papa wore whenever he left to go bullfight. He also has a purple snake tatoo on his chest and I thought it will move and try and get me. But what really frighten me is the man's claws. They may look shiny and beautiful but I know they could do serious damage.
The fear was just too much for me. My three year old self can't withstand the presence of this strange, looming man. I began to shut down and bawl my lungs out. 
"WAAAHHH!!! MOMMY! PAPA!! WHERE ARE YOU!?" I screamed as big teardrops stream from my eyes down to the floor.
The crying and wailing echoed through the room. That's all I could do that I didn't feel myself being picked up.
I stopped when I realized I was being hugged. A hug I remembered. It happens whenever I became frightened of something and Papa was there to hug me so that I fe
:iconalex674:alex674 1 0
Street Fighter: Blood Child Chp 1
I was only three years old but already feel independent enough to walk through Papa's rose garden alone. The high walls protect me from those who try to sneak in. Some people once try to but its becomes too hard to climb over so they stopped. Now I get to walk in the garden alone. The flowers are so tall that I feel like a tiny fairy princess walking through an enchanted forest. It was a magical moment. Then I was called by my nanny that dinner is ready. I'm a princess, right?
But I'm not a princess. I'm la condesa, the countess. Well, not yet. Mom said I am the only heir for my father. She says I will earn the title sooner because Papa find it boring now but he also knows I'll feel the same. He is right though. I don't want to take the responsibility of being a full countess. I want to be free. Like a normal girl. Not a member of the Spanish Court.
But Mom insists. She says that it is the only way to save myself from sharing the same fate as my father. "What's wrong with h
:iconalex674:alex674 1 0
Happy Holidays :iconalex674:alex674 11 13
I want a Spanish Ninja for Christmas (parody)
I want Señor Vega for Christmas
Or a game with him in it will do
Don't want no clothes
No real life boy
I want a Street Fighter game to play as him and enjoy
I want a Spanish Ninja for Christmas
I don't think Santa Claus will mind do you
He won't have to use
A dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through plane and cab
That's the easy way to do
I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping from my room
Oh what joy and what surprise
When I open up my eyes
To see an action figure of Vega in the light of the moon
I want Señor Vega for Christmas
But a collectable figurine of him will do
No Balrog
No Sakura
I prefer a box or game that has Vega
And I know that you really want him too
Someone says Vega would slice me up but then
Capcom says he mostly slices up ugly vile men
There's room for the game system
or a Vega figurine
I'd put him there
And display him there
And keep him nice and clean
I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping from my room
Oh what joy and what
:iconalex674:alex674 1 5
Pedo Busters :iconalex674:alex674 8 28 Vent Art: Sukeban Haven :iconalex674:alex674 15 9
Pitifully insufferable souls (parody)
I admit that in the past I've been a good boy until my brain has decided to make a switch.
My stepfather is the reason mama's dead for what he heard her said.
So in revenge, I killed that son of a bitch! Oh yes~

I later discovered my own fighting style.
Its a talent that I always have possessed.
I'm the most beautiful creature with very attractive features
Unlike those who I greatly detest. Pathetic...

Pitifully insufferable souls! In pain, in need.
This one seeking inner power and that one wants to avenge her father.
Do I help them? In your dreams.
Those pitifully insufferable souls. So confused, misled.
They tried talking trash to me while I show them no mercy.
And I help them? No! I paint them RED!
But it happens once or twice when I give them good advice.
Yet I'm afraid they are nothing but unappreciative fools.
Of course they still go on their complaints even though for once I act like a saint to those piti
:iconalex674:alex674 2 1
:FC: Salikese :iconalex674:alex674 8 6
Anyone who is intrested please feel free to see

Self-Taught Artist by sequelleHELP by NaruButtPairings by Mare-Of-The-SeaThe warning stamp. by Rocky-VermillionGet your own ideas - Stamp by Akira-TadokoroI Draw What I Want Stamp by MewZakuro215


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Favorite characters-
HS: Equius Zahhak stamp by JanbearpigPurpleblood II by UsagiGamiPredator STAMP by RaphaelaTheTurtelPurpleblood by UsagiGamiundertale stamp - undyne by hypsistampsundertale stamp - mettaton ex by hypsistampsSTAMP: Penelope and Derek by cmloweart.Reidthinksyou'resuspicious. by Voltaira-Stamps

Fictional crushes
SCP-049 Stamp by gor-amotoVega Stamp by Heavy-Inamorato:

Fandoms I'm in-
Tim Burton Stamp by StampMakerLKJMK Stamperz by VivaVoceHomestuck Trash Stamp by That-Black-RabbitPokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceCriminal Minds Logo by DaakukitsuneKira Stamp by Vexic929STAMP: Slytherin pride by neurotripsy…

Stop the exploitation of Cody! Children are humans, not fashion trends!

Stop the exploitation of Cody! Children are humans, not fashion trends!
  • Listening to: Ratatat- Loud Pipes


alex674's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm Alex674. My persona is Haven.
I love Pokemon, anime, chocolate, drawing, Starwars, Street Fighters, MLP:FiM, Steven Universe, Undertale, SCP Foundation and Homestuck.
Micheal Jackson and Lady Gaga are my favorite singers
I hate racism, homophobia, transphobia, autismphobia, acephobia, Satanophobia, rapists, pedophiles, real life bestiality with non talking/non humanized animals, incest, fundies, earthquakes, bullies, celery, and being told
what to do.
I'm autistic but I don't use it as a jail free card
I'm the creator of the 5 Island Universe, a universe where my world and worlds of canon fandom combine!

The following is not allowed:

-flame wars
-chain mail
-shipping wars
-rape support
-using "retarded" or "autistic"
-death threats (even though I'll laugh it off, I'll report you before you truly scare someone else to death)
-religious nuts (all beliefs are welcome as long as you respect others)

Please respect me and my friends. I'll be nice unless you screw it up. Also, I'm a sensitive person who is also impatient at times do please don't condemn me as a bad person before you get to know me.

Also, since I was rudely told to back off whenever I tried to be helpful, please:

If you don't need any help just politely let me know. I don't care if its a small "No thank you", as long as you don't say in in a bad way like "Scram, drama Queen!" Or "You are so paranoid and annoying, retard" or anything of the sort. I' understand if you don't need any help but don't act like a bully, dirty mouth scumbag, OK?

Be polite and I'll understand completely :)

OH MY GOD STOP by Foxstar241 {COMM} Character Headcanon #291 by NummyPixels {COMM} Character Headcanon #321 by NummyPixels Sexuality Stamps - Autochorissexual by NummyPixels Smart by NummyPixels Satanism is... by Breaking-Alice Dandere stamp by glovannas Stamps|I love your headscarf. by Vex2001 Dandere by MangoHoodie Stamp: git ober it by Riza-Izumi Homosexuality = Disneyland by Little-rolling-bean I love Carnotaurus by WishmasterAlchemist Anti Incest by Cressalys Anti-Nazi Stamp by RGMfighter14 Anti-rape stamp by Maran-Zelde They Suffer as Well by Crimson-Breloom Bossed Up by Dametora .Stamp. Warning: Fags by KillMePleaseGod Internet Death Threats by Neozaki WARNING: Aggressive ***** by Hurricane-Hannah STAMP: Personally... by StampsGoneMissing Stamp: Pedos EXPOSED by Chris Hansen by Darkstar-Archangel I HAVE ANGER ISSUES by youkai-hime Pro-Palestine by KrisTheTrashLord Stamp: Pro-Israel by KrisTheTrashLord It's not real so it's okay!!!!111!11 by LostAtSeaOFF ++ What's your excuse? by dimruthien I Hate War by Luna-Akari Donald Trump sucks by Im-Amsterdam IRL crush or fictional crush? Who cares? by glovannas 88 by Sammi-Stamps ISIS doesn't represent islam and never has. by glovannas

Other stamps that describe me are here-->…

:bulletred: Zippcast:…
:bulletred: Wysp:


Stop the exploitation of Cody! Children are humans, not fashion trends!

Stop the exploitation of Cody! Children are humans, not fashion trends!
  • Listening to: Ratatat- Loud Pipes
Now I feel depressed. I was so happy on my birthday but now I feel down.

I tried to focus on school and my art but I feel unmotivated.

I suggest you don't badger me to do requests or finish art trades please. I'm not in the mood.


Line art bust
No color drawing of a character in bust style
Line drawing of a character
Full body line drawing
Full color bust
Bust of a character in full color
Colored drawing of a character
Colored Character drawing without background
Full color with background
Digital full color with background


alex674 has started a donation pool!
41 / 2,000
I'm interested in saving some for interesting commissions.

To be fair, I offer commissions for points.

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ZekeEugene Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
By the way, when shutupyoubitch calls people parasites for doing something completely harmless, she fails to realize that she is literally dehumanizing innocent people.
alex674 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
So she herself is a parasite.
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What a bitch...
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It really is intriguing. I guess there is more to it than I thought before.
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